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One of the most daunting things people face when they want to become a driving instructor is the choice of who to use for their training. Their tends to be 2 sorts of choices available, firstly the major national companies whose adverts can be quite often seen on the the tv.
  The second is the guy who says he does driving instructor training and he will do it a lot cheaper than the rest. Now with both of these there tends to be problems.
   With the first group - the big national companies - they tend to have a slick presentation, knowing that you've already been impressed with their tv ad, or maybe it's just a well known name, so half of their selling point has been acheived.
 Before you sign up though why not go to your local test centre and wait around for a bit and talk to some of the driving instructors (especially those on pink licences) about who they are training with and what THEY think of there training. This way you get to hear first hand of the good and bad points of a particular company.
        Some of the things to listen out for is if they are doing training on a 2 to 1 basis or even 3 to 1. This means that there are 2 or even 3 trainees in the car with 1 teacher. The net result of having 2 to 1 means that your 40 hours training in effect become 20 hours!
 If you are doing 3 to 1 instructor training, you are getting 13 hours training for your money!

  If that is the case it really is not worth going and spending money with them after all if you in effect are paying £900 for your part 3 section and get 13 hours that equals £69 per hour.
The trouble with most big companies though is that you are on a conveyor belt of trainees, you will often be paired with someone not at your standard so it becomes increasingly harder to better yourself. Infact with a couple of training companies it seems the faster you are off the course the better it is for them, as there is more profit in someone quitting after 40 hours than there is if they want to re take all their training.