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Training to become a driving instructor - Phrases

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ADI Part 3 Training Development

When it comes to training to become a driving instructor - the general basics of what have always been the PST sheets still rings true

Typical Part 3 terminology involved
Fault Identification
Fault Analysis
Remedial Action
Level of Instruction

The NSDRT and Standards Check have now given us some additional terminology:

Responsibility for Risk
Lesson Planning
Risk Management
Teaching & Learning Strategies
Reflective log

The whole purpose of these is to encourage the trainee driving instructor to get into a pattern of thinking for himself and teaching himself - this in turn will be how he teaches and coaches his/her students in the future.

The newer terms still can blend in with the originals - For instance when thinking of the briefing, yes its an overview of what we are going to do today, but what is the goal for us?

So although I may be doing approaching junctions to emerge left or right, I can split that into a series of goals.

  • By the end of the lesson my goal is to be able to identify the difference between an open junction and a closed junction
  • To be able to correctly position the car on approach to obtain the correct road positioning
  • To be able to master the correct approach speed for both types of junction
  • To be able to make the effective observations on the Right/Left/Right minimum observation
  • To develop a sense of correct gaps and approach speed of vehicles so i can pull out correctly and safely and not be hesitant or reckless

If we have this in our minds during our driving instructor training, not only will it help us analyze our teaching but will also help your pupils to begin teaching themselves and becoming better drivers.

These and more tips are part of our Driving instructor training courses.

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