ADI Learning Hub

The ADI Learning Hub provides useful information for those training to become a driving instructor, those learning to drive and even experienced drivers wanting to refresh their driving knowledge.

All the subjects covered here are available to buy in handy "Guide Folders" only £10 each.

For those training for the ADI Part 2 it gives helpful hints and tips on what you need to do, to pass the driving test.

For those training for ADI Part 3 it gives demonstrations on how to teach different topics and what is required to pass the ADI Part 3 and to be a successful driving instructor.

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Independent driving is required on the driving test, this includes following road signs or following a sat nav. But what are the potential problems with this?

Overtaking - Single road

Overtaking on a Dual Carriageway

Pulling up on the left is required in the test, approx 4 or 5 times they will ask you to do this, Why? What are the reasons for getting this wrong?

Turn In The Road is no longer required on the driving test as a manoeuvre, however if you go the wrong way, you may need to do this, to get back on track