Driving Instructor Reference Points / Focal Points

What are Reference Points or Focal Points?

Driving Instructor Reference Points / Focal Points
When it comes to training on not just for your ADI Part 3 or ADI Standards check test, but for your whole career as a driving instructor it is really important that you are able to use Driving Instructor Reference Points / Focal Points
What Are Driving Lesson Reference Points or Focal points?
When it comes to improving your driving skills, understanding driving lesson reference points can make a world of difference.

Reference points are certain spots on the road that help drivers make quick and accurate decisions while behind the wheel. Knowing what these reference points are and how to use them is essential for anyone wanting to become a better driver. From your perspective for the ADI Part 3 or Standards Check Test, it will help you to become a better teacher
In this section, we'll be exploring what driving lesson reference points are and how they can help drivers stay safe and improve their driving skills.

Driving Instructor Reference Points / Focal Points
driving instructor reference point focal point

Focal or Reference Point For Pulling up

The car's position on the road for pulling up
One of the key driving lesson reference points is the car's position on the road. Before moving off, it is important to identify the focal point or driving reference point.
At this point, the driver should be sitting at the side of the road, with the wheels straight ahead. They can then look at the kerb on the left and you can ask the pupil to follow the kerb towards the car
Wherever the kerb meets the front of the car (most often in the middle of the bonnet or centre of the dashboard)

Focal Point or Reference Point for Steering

If your pupil is struggling with steering to the correct position when first starting lessons, rather than grabbing the wheel, and saying “steer right – Not that much!” or “Steer left, more, more, more!”
why not try giving them reference points?

Think of the steering wheel as a clockface
Steer to 2 o’clock
Steer to 10 o’clock
Steer to 12
Now the pupil has a better idea of just how much to turn – This linked with, when the pupil is in the correct position – Again look at the kerb on the left and where it meets the front of the car or the dashboard, will again give them a reference point, they can follow on their own.

Why not say to the pupil, when your left leg seems to be in the centre of your lane, that will mean that you are in a good driving position.

driving instructor reference point focal point

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For More Reference Point Ideas

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Reference points and Focal Points

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