A Drivers Guide To Lesson Plans ISBN 9781739647032

A Drivers Guide to Lesson Plans ISBN 9781739647032

A Drivers guide to lesson plans (ISBN 9781739647032) is the most comprehensive Driving instructor lesson plan diagrams folder available on the market today.

Providing insight and training for those taking the ADI Part 2 test, the ADI Part 3 test, The ADI Standards check test and those wanting to take a driving test.

This complete folder covers everything that you will need to pass your test first time.

However the folder is also available in seperate subjects

Manoeuvres / Crossroads / Roundabouts / Motorways and dual carriageways  Country roads and bends / Independent driving / Meeting and anticipation /

ISBN 9781739647032
ISBN 9781739647032

A Complete guide to lesson Plans ISBN 9781739647032

The Complete guide to driving lesson plans is different because most briefing folders may provide one or 2 pictures and then expect you to explain the rest - This is why they come laminated and with a dry wipe pen

This folder provides not only the diagrams that you need - including driving on smart motorways and being aware of e-bikes and e-scooters.

It comes complete with hand tips and instructions in how to deal with these situations - These are provided by ORDIT registered driving instructor trainers with over 20 years of teaching experience

A drivers guide to lesson plans ISBN 9781739647032

Unlock your teaching with these superb driving instructor lesson plan diagrams

This is the main driving instructor book that you need!

For ADI Part 2, ADI Part 3, ADI Standards check test, For your pupils and to become a better teacher.


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