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Presenting the Lesson

  • Structure the lesson to last an hour but you will have to allow additional 15 minutes for discussion with the SE.
  • When you get to your car introduce the pupil to the SE and explain the purpose of the visit.
  • Emphasis to the pupil that it’s you who is being checked.
  • Encourage the pupil to be relaxed and to ask questions if there is anything that has not been understood.
  • Remind the pupil that because of the extra weight in the back, the car may handle slightly differently.
  • Begin the lesson with a 5 minute recap of what was covered in the previous driving lesson.
  • Asking about 4 questions should tell you if the pupil has remembered the key points
  • Spend 5 minutes setting the lesson plan: also ask the pupil if there is anything they would like see covered in the lesson. This will also let the SE know what the objectives are.
  • Conduct the lesson
  • Spend 5 minutes debriefing at the end:

– Asking the pupil their impression of the lesson
– Inviting the pupil to ask questions
– Giving feedback on areas of strength and weakness

  • Look forward to the next lesson, indicating which topics will be covered suggesting any relevant reading material that needs to be studied.