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When it comes to Driving instructor training the ONLY qualification the DVSA recommends is ORDIT.

pug ordit So what is ORDIT?

It stands for Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

What does it mean?

It means that your trainer has been watched by a senior examiner from the DSA as to how your trainer teaches potential driving instructors, and your trainer has shown that he can teach to the high and exacting standards expected by the DSA.

Infact you may notice that on the DSA web site it encourages people who are becoming driving instructors to ONLY train with an ORDIT registered trainer!



ORDIT was set up by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to protect the public from substandard driving instructor training and unscrupulous business practices. ORDIT is managed by the DVSA and members failing to maintain the required standard may be removed (or feel compelled to resign) from ORDIT.

To have your organisation approved by the DVSA and the various trade associations you must submit your organisation to regular inspections and abide by the ORDIT code of practice covering advertising, selling and customer care.

Ideally only ORDIT qualified trainers should be used by the organisation although at the moment the rules do allow up to 50% of trainers to be unqualified.

This is not the case with Driver Training Ltd all of our trainers are fully ORDIT qualified. The DVSA only approve training from ORDIT organisations. The DVSA do not recognise NVQ or any other qualification as adequate to train people to become driving instructors.

How do I benefit?

You know that you are getting value for money! Many driving schools advertise that they do Driving instructor training and yet they may never have taught anyone, or know what the DSA expects them to teach potential instructors now.

      You see a driving instructor could have qualified many years ago and not realise how much things have changed and what the examiners on your part 2 and 3 expect to see.  (I have many people come to me, who are in exactly that situation!)
 But the fact that I have qualified to be on the register means that I do, which means you are getting the best value for your money and the best chance of passing (as the testimonials show).

You only get 3 chances at the exam


Be trained in just one subject with the express hope of passing the ADI part 3 - You will FAIL as a driving instructor!!
Be told to go for a test attempt "to see what it is like"

Go for Part 3 "hoping I don't get ......."

Be sent for part 2 to an area you are not familiar with

Be sent for part 2 to a different area being told "All roundabouts are the same"

Be sent for part 2 or 3 without mock tests

If your trainer does any of the above it's time you moved on!!

You only get 3 attempts DO NOT WASTE ANY!!

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