PDI and ADI Useful Links

Useful DVSA Documents & Reading for ADIs and PDIs

ADI Voluntary Code of Practice

The voluntary code of practice for ADIs - a framework within which all driving instructors should operate. Including personal conduct, business dealings, advertising and conciliation.

National Standard for Driving Cars (Category B)

Essential reading for ADIs. The standard sets out what it takes to be a safe and responsible car driver. The syllabus sets out a way of training drivers in the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be a safe and responsible driver.

National Standard for Driver and Rider Training

Essential reading for driving instructors and trainers. The standard sets out what it takes to provide training to drivers of cars, light vans, mopeds and motorcycles.

National Standard for Developed Driving Competence

The standard is for people who intend to train learner drivers of all vehicles or who want to show that they’ve maintained and developed their competence after getting their full licence.


Essential reading for all driving instructors, the DVSA's DT1 document contains internal operational guidance for Driving Examiners in the conduct of driving tests.


The full and official DVSA DL25 practical test marking sheet, including DL25A, DL25B, DL25C and DL25D (guidance notes).

ADI1 Standard Operating Procedure

Essential reading for all PDIs and ADIs, this document explains the procedures that should be followed by Driving Examiners conducting ADI & LGV practical examinations, Fleet Driving & ORDIT Assessments, and ADI Standards Checks.

Teaching Deaf People to Drive

DVSA Driving Test Centre Telephone Number

The national DVSA contact telephone number is 0300 200 11 22. This number should be used for most enquiries to the DVSA. However, if you need to contact a centre manager directly (for example, to find out if tests are going ahead in the event of bad weather), then use the number on the booking confirmation sheet.