The skills required to become a driving instructor

The skills required to become a driving instructor

Approved driving instructors require a high standard of driving ability and a sound knowledge of the subjects related to teaching others to drive and must be able to apply these abilities.

Teaching others to drive includes being knowledgeable about:

• how to teach

• how people learn

• how to assess the performance of others

• communication

• interpersonal skills

(Confessional / Agony Aunt is a required extra.)

Basically what you need to bear in mind to be successful at your new career is that you are going to be teaching people to do something that you no doubt find very easy. Which means being very patient when they blatantly don't do what you have told them to do, or the fact that they just keep forgetting to do it.

What a lot of driving instructors forget is, the actual reason there pupils keep making a mess of things is two fold.

1) They pupil is still learning, so a part of learning is you get thing wrong and

2) The instructors teaching is probably rubbish

Very often it is a lack of communication on the part of the instructor which has caused the lesson to go wrong and if that isn't the case then the instructor needs to go back and look at reason 1!


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