7 Reasons that we know for a fact that what we post is correct

7 Reasons we know for a fact we are right!

Everyone these days seems to have an opinion on every subject.

When you are a business and your business is trying to teach and educate people, sometimes when you post things on social media, people will add comments that what you have said is not right, or they weren't taught that, or I've always done it this way.....which is fine, but what we put online, is not open to debate or dependent on what you've always done - this is the way that it should be taught, or the principles followed.

We will give you 7 reasons why.....

1 - We are a long running, successful driving school

First and foremost, the reason we know what we post online is 100% correct, is, this is our job and we are good at it. To be a driving instructor, you have to go through a rigourous training process which includes a more in depth theory test (ADI Part 1) an advanced driving test, where you can only get a maximum of 6 driving faults in a driving test lasting over an hour (ADI Part 2) and finally a teaching exam where an examiner from the DVSA sits in on a lesson that you do, to make sure the things you say are correct and the way you teach is in line with what the DVSA expects.

The fact that we have been doing this very successfully for 20 years working 6 to 7 days a week to try and keep up with the demand for our services  Shows just how good we are.

If what we were saying was wrong - we wouldn't still be in business.

2 - Pupil Recommendations

If what we were saying was wrong, then our pupils simply would not pass the driving test.

They would be told by the examiner the reason that they had failed - eg "You did the roundabout in the wrong lane" the pupil would then say - "but that's how I have been taught to do it"

The pupil would then go away angry that they'd been taught wrongly by their instructor and eventually if this was continually repeated - no one would recommend us.

THE FACT THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN - shows that what we say, the way we teach and the principles that get taught ARE CORRECT, are in line with what the DVSA requires and is what the driving examiner wants to see you drive like.

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3 -The Driving Examiners

The things that we post online on our facebook, youtube, tiktok and instagram accounts are EXACTLY what we teach our students.

Our students which across all our instructors number into the thousands over the last 20 years, would not have been allowed to pass their driving test by the DVSA examiners, over the last 20 years.

So the fact that people follow our guidance and advice and Pass their driving tests, means that what we are saying is correct, accurate and will not only help you to pass your driving test, but if you are currently a driver it will make you safer and less likely to use bad habits!

4 - ADI Part 2 Trainees

We train people to become driving instructors. The adi part 2 is an advanced driving test that lasts around an hour. You can only get 6 driving faults rather than a learners 15.

People travel all across the UK to come and train with us, on occasions, they have actually paid for us to come and train them in their local area.

Again the things we post on social media and the way we teach, is exactly the same things we  teach for ADI Part 2.

We have had people pass the ADI Part 2 with 0 faults! So NO FAULTS in a driving test lasting at least an hour!

If what we taught was wrong, then this, just wouldn't happen!!

5 - ADI Part 3 Trainees

ADI Part 3

The final qualifying part of the training to become a driving instructor, is a test of the instructors teaching ability.

We have been teaching people to become driving instructors since 2008

The way we teach potential driving instructor is exactly the same as what we post online.

Up until the last few years this was done by way of Pre Set Tests - where the examiner would just choose a particular Pre Set Test, the examiner would play the role of the pupil, so the trainee hasd to know ALL the subjects thoroughly, as you just never knew whi9ch one that youd be asked to do.

If what we taught was not correct - then no one would pass the ADI Part 3 with us

6 - ADI Standrds Check

As individual driving instructors, every few years you have what is called a Standards Check, where someone from the DVSA sits in on a lesson to make sure that the things you teach are correct and the things you say are true.

If what we were teaching was not correct, then the DVSA would not allow us to keep teaching

Its as simple as that


ORDIT stands for the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

This is the standard at which the DVSA recommends people who are training to become driving instructors to go with. It means the DVSA Examiner sits in the car and watches and listens to how the trainer will teach trainees to become driving instructors

We have been ORDIT registered since 2008 as individuals and as a company

If what we taught was not correct, if what we taught was wrong, then the DVSA would not recommend us - THEY DO

Does the DVSA recommend you?

If not - why not?


We have produced many books to help driving instructors in their training and CPD

These books are stocked and promoted by the DIA - Driving Instructors Association a national and well respected representative of driving instructors across the UK.

A trade organization like the DIA would neither promote or endorse a product that promoted wrong ideas