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For those who want to Train to become a driving instructor, the hardest part is finding a suitable trainer and being able to trust them. I know before I did my training many years ago, when I first decided that I wanted to become an instructor, I didn't even bother looking around I just went to the best known name associated with the profession.
 However as it came to doing my part 3 I realised that a lot of what had taken place with regards to my training, wasn't really relevant to what I needed to do to qualify.
Perhaps that is why the pass rate for part 3 is only 28%?
        One of the major draw backs was that for part 3 we had been told keep the briefing brief! People only learn when they practice it. So for my part 3 training we had 5 class room sessions and 2 in car sessions!!
Which equates to a briefing 3 times the length of the practice sessions!
   That's why we pride ourselves on ALL of our part 3 training taking place inside the car and not in the classroom.  So before you take the plunge, ask yourself.....

Will ALL my part 3 training be done 1 to 1?

Is my trainer ORDIT registered?

Can I see or contact previous trainees who passed FIRST time?

If the answer to any of these is no.....then give us a call today FREE on 0800 1 777 149 or fill in the contact form at the bottom and let us help you.