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Commentary Driving

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Commentary driving is a vital requirement for passing part 3 - Without it you WILL NOT PASS.

From pst 2 moving away and stopping to pst 10 anticipation, commentary driving is the basis for all that you will teach. Without it the lesson becomes a history lesson. E.g. You almost hit that car!, You didn't stop at the stop sign! You were on the wrong side of the road!
           In other words if you were a real learner you would have hit something, because I didn't warn you or give instructions to stop it happening.

So why should the examiner now give you a licence, so that your pupils can go and hurt themselves and pay you £22 for the privilige?
  They WON'T!!
Commentary driving should start on your part 1 section of training, at the very leat part 2. It should not be starting on part 3!! If it is get rid of your trainer and give us a call today.