Driving Instructor Pupils Progress Card

Driving Lessons Pupil Proogress Book

Driving Lessons Pupil Proogress Book

Looking at your pupil progress book, your driving is currently 3! - "I'm sorry, what do you mean?" - Your driving is currently 3!

Doesn't make much sense does it? What does 3 mean?

What faults is the driver making that they need to understand and work on?

What do they generally need to improve on? What are they doing well at?


This is why most pupil record books are quite frankly rubbish!

The pupil doesn't know what they need to work on - The pupils parents are often keen to help and would like to know what needs working on - More importantly YOU AS THE INSTRUCTOR - When the pupil gets in to your car next time (unless you've only got a coouple of students) - You won't know either!

driving school pupil record card

                                         Driving Lessons Progress Report Planner & Appointment Card for Driving Schools

driving lesson pupil progress

The Best driving instructor Pupil Record books

Record your pupil's progress learning to drive a car, including using junctions, manoeuvres, road types, driving conditions and navigation.

Use this key on your pupil’s progress form.

  1. Introduced. The subject is introduced and your pupil is able to follow the instructions they’re given.

  2. Helped. Your pupil is improving but still needs a bit of help.

  3. Prompted. Sometimes your pupil needs prompting, especially if it’s a new or unusual situation.

  4. Independent. Your pupil is dealing with this consistently, confidently and independently.

  5. Reflection. In conversation, your pupil shows that they understand how things would have been different if they had done something differently. They can adapt to situations and see why perfecting the skill makes them safer and more fuel-efficient.

Driving lesson Pupil Lesson Record Book

The main thing that any driving instructor needs to record is NOT a number as we've already seen that tells you nothing! What you need is notes.....and lots of them.

Thats where our PUPIL RECORD BOOKS are better - we give you 5 ues FIVE pages of notes. So you can describe and remind what has gone well or what need to be worked on.


Moving off - Remember to check mirrors and ?  -  Why is the blindspot so important?

Roundabouts - Give way to traffic from the right - Not the left

Pedestrian Crossings  - A flashing amber light means?

Look for and respond to mini roundabout signs


Driving Lessons Pupil Record Book

This is the best driving lessons pupil progress book that you can buy

5 pages for notes

12 Pages in total

Numbered Progress System

Generic - So only your driving school is mentioned

Terms and conditions on rear page

Printed on high quality 160 gsm thick paper

£10 for a pack of 12