ADI Part 3 Briefing Folder

If i said to you - "Think of a dog" - What would come to mind?

What Colour? - How Big? Long hair, Short hair?

Now, when i said "Think of a dog" - Why didn't you think of the letters  A-D-O-G?


Hence the phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words"

So when you teach, you need to show the pupil in pictures, what you are going to do in that lesson and then if any mistakes are made - you need to show them in pictures where it went wrong, why it went wrong, and what they need to do to make sure it goes right next time!

So many ADI Part 3 trainees come to us without a briefing folder or images - Your part 3 is a TEACHING EXAM- waving your hands around does nothing, because you have an image of the road or situation in your head - but to the pupil it means absolutely nothing.


adi part 3 briefing folder

ADI Part 3 Briefing Folder

By using your ADI Part 3 briefing folder, your briefings become shorter and to the point, because the pictures do all the work for you.

They help you to memorise what needs to be done in conjunction with the MSPSGL routine

So with the picture on our left we identify where the next road on the left is

Centre and left mirror, signal down for left, Position is normal driving position, Speed is under 20mph, Gear is second, then we look for the point of turn.

Once in the new road check centre and right mirror before picking up speed.

ADI Part 3 Briefing Folder

Using a briefing folder, allows you to illustrate, what went wrong and helps the pupil to reason for themselves, what the possible outcomes of their action would of been.

What would have happened if there had been car parked in the bay on our right?

Because we stopped steering and didn't straighten the car, in effect, how many bays have we now taken up?

adi part 3 briefing folder

ADI Briefing folder

Makes roundabouts a lot simpler to understand and to deal with.

To say to a pupil with hand movements, you went that way and cut across the line instead of following the lane - means nothing

To show them the diagram, explain the fault and then say, so what we are going to do is to really follow this left hand kerb and stay close to it, all the way around

Brings to life, what you are asking them to do. - Thats what teaching is all about

ADI Briefing folder Recap

The other greast thing with a briefing folder is that it keeps your lessons structured.

Whilst the pupil can look at the images on the right hand page, on the left hand page it provides you with the outline of your driving lesson.

Recap - what we did on the last lesson

Objective - Today we are are going to do.....

Checklist - The items you need to mention

If they are more experienced - then all you need to do after recap and objective, is ask a couple of key questions, as to their knowledge on the subject/


adi part 3 briefings folder

ORDER YOUR ADI PART 3 Briefing Folder just £65.00

Why a Briefing Folder?

When it comes to the adi part 3, the best test of anyones knowledge of the subject is to ask them to do a briefing for you. This eithe results in one of 2 things.

Firstly they spend at least ten minutes using the phrases "erm"..... "its like"...... "uh"..... or "thennnnnn weeeee"

or they go the other way..... and this has happened where a brifing lasted for exactly 22 minutes

The better you know your briefings, the easier it is to explain them and the easier it makes it to watch for mistakes

Our Briefing Folders Can Be used With Pupils

Most briefing folders just provide a single picture and leave the rest for you to figure out - Our folders are different

The diagrams come with instructions that you need - to help you become a better teacher

These folders can be sold to your pupils so they can learn the subject and understand it more fully

Easy To Understand - Offer to your pupils

The great thing with the briefing subjects folder from Driver Training Ltd is that if your pupil struggles to understand a subject - You can sell them a copy of it.

We offer the briefing subjects folders from as little as £5 and they cover the whole range of subjects from

Manoeuvres - Forward bay/Reverse bay/Parallel Park/Pull up right/Emergency stop

Junctions - open/closed/box junctions/Y junctions


Roundabouts - Mini / Normal /Laned / Double


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