ADI Part 3 lesson Plan Sheets

ADI Part 3 Lesson Plan Sheets

The ADI Part 3 lesson sheets, cover the complete range of subjects that you will need to  cover with your learners, to get them to test standard.

This includes from their very first lesson of Cockpit drill and Controls through to Independent driving by following the Sat Nav or Independent driving by following the signs.

By getting to know and use these sheets, you can give your learner the best and most rounded driving practice schedule to give them all the skills they need to pass their driving test.


adi lesson plans

ADI Part 3 Lesson Plan Sheets

Whether training to become a driving instructor, being on a trainee licence or being a fully qualified instructor, having a full set of lesson plan sheets, will help you to structure your lessons with each pupil.

These lesson plan sheets cover all the subjects that you will need with your pupils from cockpit drill and controls to independent driving with signs or with Sat nav, through to each of the manoeuvres.

Each  sheet a list of possible driver faults to watch out for and allows you then to really sharpen your skills in providing effective and informative driving lessons.

Download a free Roundabout driving lesson plan

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