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Beware of Cheap Training Offers

BEWARE that Many national companies will reduce the training course cost, but also as part of it, tie you in to a 12 or 18 month franchise contract, instead of just setting yourself up as your own business – We help  with that. 

Or Paying per pupil (currently £30 per pupil)

 Or like our franchise paying £70 per week, you are charged £159 or more per week (£89 difference per week! - £89 x 52 weeks = £4,658)

So they offer training at £800 - £1000 less – But then make you end up paying almost a minimum of £5000 extra!! Not really a good deal is it???

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Get the best Driving Instructor Training - Mo passed his ADI Part 3 at the age of 23! Making him one of the youngest driving instructors in the UK.

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Train Around Your Job

Our flexible training is done around you and your schedule

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We do all of our training on a one to one basis

We are ORDIT trainers                     (the DVSA recommends you use us)

Train To Become A Driving Instructor - What is required?

Check out the DVSA job preview section to get an understanding of whats required or visit our overview page here

Driving instructor training Courses


Its not an easy step to change careers, so we have added some of the most frequently asked questions we receive

Train To Become A Driving Instructor - ADI Part two - The advanced driving test

The ADI Part 2 test is an advanced driving test lasting approx 70 mins

Train To Become A Driving Instructor - ADI Part one - The Theory Test

The ADI part one is a Theory test.

Train To Become A Driving Instructor - ADI Part Three - The teaching exam

To become a driving instructor you have to pass the final qualifying exam, which is also known as the ADI Part three exam

ADI Part 2 - Training

If you have already passed the ADi Theory test and you are looking for some ADI Part Two training, then we can help. With prices from just £40 per hour

Adi Part 3 Recovery Training

If you have already taken attempts at the ADI Part 3 and not passed, then why not do our ADI part 3 Recovery Training? We help you pass

Intensive Driving instructor training Courses

In a rush to get things done? - Then don't worry with our intensive driving instructor training courses we can help!

Instructor Training Pass Rates

  • The current pass rate for people who are doing Driving instructor training is 28%.

So let me help you do some simple maths. 

  • According to DSA figures Out of 100 people who want to become a driving instructor
  • 49% passed their Adi part one (Theory Test) So out of 100 people only 49 get past the Adi part one

  • 45% passed their Adi part two (driving test) So out of 49 people only 27 got through to adi part three.

  • 28% then qualified to become a driving instructor. So out of 27 people only 19 people actually became an ADI!!

    Seen any of the big teaching colleges or schools tell you that??

    Make sure you choose the best possible training course, with the best possible chance of passing!!!


ORDIT is the only qualification the DVSA recognises when it comes to training to become a driving instructor, BTEC, Driving Diplomas etc are not.

  • Trainees will be assessed over a single one-hour lesson on the 3 main competencies of lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning strategies. They will be assessed using the additional 17 sub-competencies set out in the current standards check assessment form and to the national standards of Driver and Rider training.


  • ADI Part 3 Trainees will be required to provide a ‘real’ pupil which could be friends, family members or colleagues, and the lesson will have to reflect their learning goals and needs. This doesn’t have to be a learner, but could be a full licence holder seeking driver development.



Only £40 a hour, minimum of 2 hours.

Half Day (3.5 hours) £140.

Full Day (7 hours) £280.

2 Days (14 hours) £560.

Adi Check Test

If you have recently had a letter asking for you to take an adi check test, but are not sure of what is required or what the examiner will look for, don't worry we can help. We have helped many instructor to understand and easily complete the adi check test. Why not let us help you to be next?

Check Test £40 a hour, minimum of 2 hours.



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