Become a driving instructor -Benefits

What Benefits are there in becoming a driving instructor?

When you become a driving instructor, you in effect become a business. To be honest it's just as much about public relations as it is about becoming a driving instructor. After all you could be the best driving instructor and give the most concise and adept driving lessons, but if you are grumpy and shout at pupils I guarantee you will never have enough work. However if you are calm, relaxed and take things at the pupils pace, I guarantee you will find it hard to fit all your pupils in!

The benefits of this would be

  • Earn £28-£35 per hour

  • Work the days and the hours you want to

  • Choose the car you want

  • Be your own boss

  • Holidays when you want them

  • Government recognised qualification

The thing about having a Government recognised qualification is that no matter where you live or move to you can guarantee walking into a job as a driving instructor. Whether by going to the nearest driving school and starting a franchise or by using your own car and simply sticking an advert in the local newspaper.

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