Fully Inclusive ADI Part 3 Briefing and Training Folder

Part 3 Briefings Complete Package

Confused by the Adi part 3 briefings?

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Part 3 Briefings

When it comes to the adi part 3, the best test of anyones knowledge of the subject is to ask them to do a briefing for you. This eithe results in one of 2 things.

Firstly they spend at least ten minutes using the phrases "erm"..... "its like"...... "uh"..... or "thennnnnn weeeee"

or they go the other way..... and this has happened where a brifing lasted for exactly 22 minutes

The better you know your briefings, the easier it is to explain them and the easier it makes it to watch for mistakes

Complete Adi Part 3 Briefings Folder

     * Briefing Folder      *Diagrams for All Pst sheets      *Recap Sheets      *Objectives List

     *Checklist      *FULL set of PST Sheets



EXCLUSIVE - 2 Hours 1 to 1 with an ORDIT trainer explaining anything you are not sure of.


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        Briefings Folder only £50.00

Full set of PST sheets £15.00